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Question: iOS 11 Update


I'm not able to update my iPhone 6 Plus. The software is downloaded and there's no "red flags" as to why it can't download. It just pops up with a notification that says "Unable To Install Update -- An error occurred installing iOS 11". It's not the wifi connection - I've already checked to see if that was the cause. this is really urgent as I'm leaving on a 5:30 flight tomorrow morning and am only having these problems now. What should I do next?

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Anna G*

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iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 10.2.1

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If you haven't already, have you tried connecting your iPhone to a Mac or PC that runs iTunes, and then, try updating your iPhone?

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Nov 16, 2017 7:20 PM in response to AnnaGoss In response to AnnaGoss

How much free space is there available on you i6+? Are you doing the updating Over The Air, or thru iTunes and a computer?

If it is OTA, you need at least 5-6GB free in the storage, preferably 7GB for safety. The full compressed installer, all 1.5GB of it, needs to download correctly, unpack, verify, install onto a separate area, verify the install and finally switch over, before activating and removing the old OS, the installer and the work area it used.

If you do it with iTunes and a computer (Mac preferred), storage free space requirements are reduced to about 1-2 GB, since the downloading, unpacking, verifying are done on the computer instead.

Available free space can be determined in Settings / General / Storage & iCloud Usage

Nov 16, 2017 7:20 PM

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Question: iOS 11 Update