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Question: In app purchases of gems $7,507 in 3 days

My 10yr old made $7,507 in in-app game charges in 3 days for "gems". I had restrictions on the iPod and somehow he got by them. I called and explained the gems were unauthorized in app purchases and my son didn't know he was making them. Since I was already credited once, they will not refund me this amount for the 3 days of purchases of "gems". I can't believe Apple wouldn't refund me, this creates a financial hardship for our family. It is a lot of money for virtual "nothing". I pleaded with them but they wouldn't budge. I am a good apple customer but I guess that means nothing, they need to keep my money even though it will make our family struggle. They say they have a once in a life time refund policy. What a scam.. I'm sure they make exceptions.. Anyone else experience this?

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Question: In app purchases of gems $7,507 in 3 days