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Question: iPhone and photo app

OK, this is a weird one.

  1. iPhone 6 and the Photos app
  2. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes (frequently) I cannot complete my iPhone sync because (here's the message)

iTunes cannot sync photos to the phone "my phone name"

because you Photos Library is not yet avalable. Please try

again later.

  • I take a lot of screen shots with my iphone.
  • I have noticed that sometimes, if I haven't dowloaded the phone photos to Photos I get the above message, but not always.


sometimes I get the message even after I have downloaded the phone photos to Photos.

The major problem is that is it does not complete step 4, Reading Photos library. it does not sync my music and that is my main goal. It frequently gets hung up on step 4 of the sync

I can't change the permissions to Photo app because I dont have the necessary permission.



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Question: iPhone and photo app