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Question: Smart Keyboard malfunctions on public wifi

just wondering if this happens to anyone else:

I just got an iPad pro 10.5 with the smart keyboard. Usually it works just fine. However, i’ve noticed that whenver I have the keyboard plugged in (with it working) and I connect to a public wifi which requires me to put in some credentials, the keyboard then stops working.

The iPad still registers the keyboard as being connected as the software keyboard will disappear if I try reconnecting it but I won’t be able to type. It’s happened to me about 7-8 times already; it’s easily repeatable. Typically I’d have to disconnect the keyboard and wait upwards of 15-25 minutes and when I reconnect it, it’ll work.

Is this a known bug and can I do anything about it? It’s a little frustrating going to the library and Not being able to type properly since I can’t use the hardware smart keyboard.

iPad Pro Wi-Fi, iOS 11.1, Smart Keyboard

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Question: Smart Keyboard malfunctions on public wifi