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Question: Does OS 10.13 support iDVD?

I got my new desktop (Retina 21.5)this past Summer... and purchased the "super disc," or whatever it's called to plug into it. I was hoping to avail the use of iDVD with a connection between the computer and the disk maker. Is there any way to do it? Or do I need to continue working with my "off-line" ten year old iMac 7?

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Nov 16, 2017 12:13 AM in response to AncientMariner63 In response to AncientMariner63


With limited testing I have found that iDVD works to a limited extent with High Sierra 10.13.1. I am able to create a project and save it successfully as a disc image. However, some of the themes do not work properly, particularly the animated ones that show no animation. Some themes won't display the graphics on the title page. You just get a black background or a partial graphic. Other themes will not display photos or videos inserted in the photo wells. Some of the themes seem to work O.K. I haven't yet tested all of the functions of iDVD, so can't comment on those. As far as I can tell you can create and save as a disc image totally fine with some of the themes. I have not tested sub-menus and chapters. This seems to be a High Sierra thing, as iDVD worked perfectly fine with Sierra.

Hope this helps.

-- Rich

Nov 16, 2017 12:13 AM

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Question: Does OS 10.13 support iDVD?