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Question: Apple Payment won't complete in MacOSX due to billing address; works in iOS

Hey there, I'll try to keep it short. Please let me know if I should elaborate on anything for troubleshooting's sake:

Apple Pay set up in iOS with an AmEx card

  • In Mac OSX (iMac, early 2017), on any website that takes Apple Pay, I initiate the process
  • I try to complete the transaction, which asks me to authenticate on my iOS thumbprint
  • Transaction fails due to "Billing Address incorrect"
  • If I go to complete the transaction using Safari on iOS, same process, same default AmEx card the transaction successful.
  • If I use the same card via PayPal etc, the transaction is successful.

Here is the supporting info and previous troubleshooting steps already confirmed not the source of the issue.

  • iOS and OSX are up to date as of the time of this post.
  • Prefs in iOS wallet/Apple Pay and OSX Safari>Privacy set to allow apple pay
  • Everything has been rebooted
  • Billing address confirmed 300 times (again, its pulling the address from the card on my phone, which works)
  • All defaults are confirmed on iOS Apple Pay settings (name, email,phone,ship and bill address)
  • I've removed and added the same AmEx card

Any ideas? Anyone run into the same billing address issue?

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Nov 16, 2017 2:16 AM in response to supraru In response to supraru


It may help to check that your billing address is entered fully accurately, including with the information matching each of the specified data fields in the form.

If you have used any punctuation, try removing it.

For example: remove any full stops / periods such as after "Apt."

If the issue then persists, I suggest that you contact Apple Support for assistance:

Nov 16, 2017 2:16 AM

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Question: Apple Payment won't complete in MacOSX due to billing address; works in iOS