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Question: Voicemail almost totally broken on iPhone X

So many voicemail issues, I can't even begin. Big problem is with playback of messages and deleted messages pop up playing on their own, even after being deleted. Verizon says these are all device issues, since the voicemails are downloaded onto the phone and are not played streaming once they arrive on your phone.

1. The same voicemail message plays tonight, no matter which voicemail I select. I had to reboot the phone to fix.

2. Pushing "play" on voicemails did nothing, in many cases tonight. Had to reboot twice to fix.

3. Deleted voicemails keep playing, even after I've hit DELETE and they disappear. The sound continues for 5-7 seconds afterwards after they have been deleted.

4. Deleted voicemails do not show up in Deleted Voicemails folder until you exit voicemail and go back in. However, if you delete multiple voicemails, they do show up in Deleted Voicemails folder.

Goodbye to my iphone X. It's been fun while it lasted (a few days).

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Question: Voicemail almost totally broken on iPhone X