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Question: Apple ID password not recognised on new phone.

So I got my new iPhone yesterday. After switching it on I am trying to use it and get all my data across using my Apple ID, which sounds and seems simple enough. first time i tried told me password or Apple ID was wrong; can't be ID as they are sending me emails so I know that's right. Go on to change my password three times, still wont let me in.

Now I know my Apple ID AND password are now correct as its letting me sign in on my iPad and it's just let me make a account on here To post this.

I can't ring Apple (as have no phone) they can't ring me because I can't get past that screen.

Any suggestions welcome.

Havent got a phone to borrow till tomorrow night, seems a long way off.

Help please.

iPhone 6s

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Nov 16, 2017 12:39 AM in response to Emilyle26 In response to Emilyle26

Hi dear Emilye. I just encountered a bug were the letter i was not correctly typed and replaced with a letter a. Be sure when you enter your password and it maybe contains the letter i that the letter i is typed. Else just type maybe the a that the i appears.

Nov 16, 2017 12:39 AM

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Question: Apple ID password not recognised on new phone.