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Question: Battery Drain 11.1.1 iPhone 6

So yeah this is an older iphone 6 which has all the latest updates and worked perfectly but now experiences severe battery drain by up to 46% overnight without any use from fully charged. I have turned off things like Background Refresh, Notifications, Location etc. I have checked Setting; Battery; Battery Usage to see what the problem is and find Safari zaps power so turned that off and dont use it in favour of another browser that uses way less. Anyway the problem has not gone away today I see I have lost 40% overnight with no use and things turned off. Something is not right here. When away from home the battery does not last a fraction of the time it did. It can be down to 10% in no time if I am using it.

Please help

Regards Mutt-lee

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Question: Battery Drain 11.1.1 iPhone 6