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Question: Ok, but still...what exactly is 'raccoon'?

Ok, I can see where it is a root, such as 'Leopard', 'Tiger', 'Lion', and all of the others roots available for Mac OS, but what exactly does 'Raccoon' do? I use terminal frequently myself, as I like to learn how to use different codes from HTML, Javascript, Java, etc., but I am also into learning how to browse, use, and execute codes on Terminal. One day while browsing though, I found a file called 'Raccoon'. At first, I thought it was nothing, but I opened it and inside was a few files running this 'Raccoon'. I opened the main file and I was able to see that the raccoon senses quit a few different things that go on in the computer with a command called 'listen'. I haven't touched it since, but I am just wanting to know if this racoon is dangerous, not needed, or if it is supposed to be a part of Mac OS.

P.S., if it helps, I can attach exactly what is inside of the raccoon file.

MacBook Air, raccoon

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Question: Ok, but still...what exactly is 'raccoon'?