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Question: Absence of folder lock facility in iPhone cripples user experience!

I find it strange that App Store apps or iPhone settings do not provide you an option to individually lock an app, for example, messages or email or photos. What iPhone has is a central phone lock, once that is unlocked, most data is open for everyone to access. There is a guided access in settings, which, in my opinion, is counterproductive or lacking in any insight.

I contacted Apple at least 2 years ago and requested this facility and I haven't heard from them since then.

This is embarrassing when Android let's you lock whichever individual app or folder you like with a myriad of apps available in play store.

In my opinion, the option to individually lock apps and folders even when the phone is unlocked, is essential for iPhone users. This is all the more important to those mums and dads who occasionally let their children use the phone. Can Apple do something about this?

Anyone else here has any insight as to how to protect individual folders and apps? please share your thoughts.



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Nov 16, 2017 5:05 AM in response to Bondroid In response to Bondroid

This is a technical support forum staffed by volunteers who are Apple customers. It is not a place to vent your frustration about features that are "missing" or don't work the way you want.

The solution is simple. Lock the phone and don't let people you don't trust use it.

Nov 16, 2017 5:05 AM

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Nov 16, 2017 5:26 AM in response to Bondroid In response to Bondroid

Individual app developers are certainly free to include the ability to lock their app. All bank apps and finance apps do this. But it is up to each 3rd party app developer to include the feature or not. So if you use an app you’d like to lock, contact that app’s developer and request the feature from them.

I‘ve been an iPhone user since 2008 and having such a feature universally applied in the OS is certainly not something that is essential to me.

Apple provides a very good security system in the screen lock passcode and/or use of fingerprint and now face recognition. As long as younsimply lock your screen when not using it, and don’t let others have unsupervised access to your device with your data on it, there is no issue.

And I’ve never understood the argument that since Android has something, so should iOS (or vice versa). The whole point for consumers is they are not merely dumb clones of eachother. So choose whichever one meets your neeeds, desires, expectations. They are, in a great many ways, very different systems, and thank goodness for that.

Nov 16, 2017 5:26 AM

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Question: Absence of folder lock facility in iPhone cripples user experience!