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Question: Date & Time Setting

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. And if you have and you found a solution, could you share with me? I got the iPhone X on release day, (Awesome Phone!!), and I've only had one minor issue. I set my Date & Time settings Manually because I don't like my time changing when I'm in a different timezone. Whenever I reboot my iPhone, the Date & Time setting is reset to "Set Automatically". This happens EVERY time I reboot. I've never had this issue before with any other iPhone and I'm not having this problem with my iPad Pro. I'm not sure if there is another setting somewhere that I've overlooked, or if there is a bug in iOS 11.1.1, or if it is an issue with iPhone X. So, I thought I would ask around and see if anyone else is having this problem. If you know of a way to stop it from going back to Set Automatically after reboot, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you'd share. Thank you!

iPhone X, iOS 11.1

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Question: Date & Time Setting