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Question: iPhone sound controls and Bluetooth alerts

i have turned off Siri, voice activation and voice recording under the restrictions settings on my iPhone. Something is causing these restrictions to be overridden so that both voice activation and voice recording are turning on randomly without my entering my password. My phone sound settings seem to have become extremely sensitive to what ever position it’s being held in and randomly turns things on and off.

I don’t know if it’s related but I’m also getting constant pop ups asking me to use Bluetooth for an audio app that I’ve been using for several years. (Yes, I’ve contacted the developer and have not received a response.) I have never used Bluetooth so I don’t know what this is about.

I cant make sense of any of this—is It dust, gremlins, software, hardware...? I’m now having difficulty making phone calls because phone numbers I’m inputting aren’t being received correctly on the number pad.

I’m using an iPhone6 and iOS 11.1.1.

Can anyone help me make sense of this? 😣

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Question: iPhone sound controls and Bluetooth alerts