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Question: CarPlay Auto Play Issues Persist in iOS 11

Every time I plug my phone into the car, it starts playing the slow jam version of Aladdin. It doesn’t matter what I was playing before, it will ALWAYS revert to that song.

Now in iOS 11 it is even worse. If I turn off the car and then start it up, it will turn off what I was listening to and start playing Aladdin. If a call comes in and I pick up, it reverts to Aladdin when I hang up. If an app crashes, it will change what I was playing to Aladdin.

WHY can’t apple make a fix for this stupid error? I dread plugging my phone into the car now. I know apple never listens to stuff people say in the forums, but seriously, I’m so close to getting an Android to make this error STOP.

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Question: CarPlay Auto Play Issues Persist in iOS 11