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Question: Apple ID sign in was chosen with a new install. Trying to make sense of what implications my decision has made with between devices on the same ID.


I used my Apple ID to sign into a clean fresh install of os Sierra onto a new SSD. I know I could have chosen not to sign in.

I really don’t understand how my iphone and macbook work together, or independently once this happens, despite finding the typical internet searches with so many wham,’s how you do this or that. I want each device to behave as a stand alone but have access to the same Apple ID. I do not know the consequences/defaults of simply using the Apple ID sign up as I did. BTW, Two factor authentification may play a role in this for me.

So, let me just explain what I’m wanting to know.

Basically, whatever apps or items, that by default are activated with the choice I made by signing in with my Apple ID are what I am seeing across the devices as it stands now, particularly concerning my MacBook.

I signed up during the install, because I wanted access to the Mac app store for the time being. That’s all I want to have access to for the foreseeable future for this MacBook. If I want something further, I’d like to choose to sign in to apps that share across devices seperately at a future date.

I don’t want all of the iCloud, Facetime, or at this point, activities running at the moment for this MacBook.

However, I do want this MacBook device to still be included in my Apple ID device list for the future. I know I can remove it from there but I don’t want to. I am not certain how to just prohibit all of the current cross device activity, yet keep access to the app store with it.

1. So, is there a manner to select just one deactivation for all of these apps to be shared from this MacBook?

2. Do i just turn off iCloud? If I turn off iCloud using my MacBook does it turn off iCloud in my other devices?

3. If not, I would like to be pointed to a concise document explaining how to manage what I am wanting to end up with?

I just want this MacBook as a device under my Apple Id and access to the Mac App store. I want to, for lack of better wording, undo all that happened when I chose to sign in with the Apple ID.

I wouldn’t mind having to sign into the Mac App Store every single time. What I don’t want as part of this solution is to end up being made to use two factor authentification to sign into the Mac App Store each time, or for any other app that I will choose in the future that needs ID to sign in with. I am required to use two factor because of the ios iphone version won’t let me out of this feature. I ran into this with the initial sign in during the install.

I hope some kind person can explain this concisely.



MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011)

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Nov 17, 2017 2:30 PM in response to Eric Root In response to Eric Root

Hi Eric

LOL. You think you’re not sure what I was asking…what about me?

Here’s what I wanted to do.

This is my son’s MacBook. It is his Apple ID. He’s half a world away at this time. His iPhone is with him. That is where the two factor authentification code is generated.

His hard drive was failing yet all diagnostics didn’t pick it up. I decided to upgrade memory, SSD and I intsalled from a bootable os Sierra Installer. Done.There were issues. Two come to mind. First, in the bootable os Sierra Installer creation with createmedia, I’d guess that almost all of the so-called experts that are glibbly saying how easy it was, failed to mention when formating a USB Flash, to tell you to go to “Get Info” and on that flash, make sure “ignore permissions” was unticked. Second, that if your install was to seemingly to stop, that you’d likely need to go to Terminal inside the bootable installer Utility and reset you date on your computer. I am not complaining, I am simply saying searching for information seems futile from where I sit to get decent advice.

What I wanted to be able to do was associate his “new” device, even though it was actually an original device, with his account, once again with his Apple ID.

So, during the install, I chose to sign in with his Apple ID. We needed the two factor authentification code to continue. Remember, he’s half a day ahead of me so, “akward" is the operative word. I did this to get access to his Mac Store to be able to update apps and to be able to keep his software updated.

It’s my fault not knowing how all of the intracasies of an Apple ID, iCloud, iCloud Drive etc etc work, but I did really try to read stuff, but the end result is I’m still in the dark.

I wanted to know how to set his laptop to be a device in his account. That was done by signing up during the install. It seemed logical from articles.

I didn’t want anything else that got enabled that has clearly happened. Example, I’m working on his computer and then Facetime rings. I had never even opened it, touched it, did nothing, but there it was. I don’t need to see what peolpe he’s calling etc. So, I try to figure out what exactly got turned on with the association of the Apple ID during the install. I just had too many questions, with far, far, far too many expert and limited details or steps on the web. That is why I pointed out the previous two issues with so-called expert advice. So I tried to toss it out to the community, hoping I might garner some useful info.

Too funny. I was so mixed up, I didn’t know where to start.

Has someone ever documented what exactly happens with a sign up of a new device when you choose sign up with your Apple ID, during the initial install? Particulary with regards to apps. I know it’s all supposed to be wonderful from Apple eyes, but in some cases, how do you undo the “wonderful”, if you even can? Especially, with all the choices when it comes to apps like Facetime, iMessage etc?

I just want the device to be under the ID without all the bells and whistles yet occassionally be able to access the Mac App Store without two-factor authentification needing to be obtained half a world away.

Maybe I’m dreaming?

Thanks. I really do appreciate your time and patience.

Nov 17, 2017 2:30 PM

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Question: Apple ID sign in was chosen with a new install. Trying to make sense of what implications my decision has made with between devices on the same ID.