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Question: iOS 11.1 Safari 0kb cookies won't delete and there is more

The problem has been consistent since iOS 10

In iOS 11.1 the cookies are still there

Plus I just discovered that they look like 0 kb but actually they are not 0 kb. The folder hosting the cookie-data shows 0 kb

but inside the folder there are so many files that go from 4 kb to 33 kb, total of 450 kb. 0 is written on the url-name of the folder



What is even worse is that I thought I had only one persistent cookie but actually there are 3 more and they don't show in Safari/Advanced/Website Data

I was able to see those using an app on my Mac that let you browse your backup.

The cookie I have shows 0 but actually is 528 kb and what is worse is adding files almost every day.

The files inside the folder are 3 kinds




and there are several of them, google has 96, total of 2.1 Mb and it's one of the invisible cookies

How can we get rid of those? Has anyone found a way ?

I'm already using Safari in private mode but doesn't help

Please Apple do something or someone tell me what to do!

I know I'm not the only one but so many others are complaining,

Apple needs to fix it : big PRIVACY concerns

iPad Pro, iOS 10.1.1, null

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Question: iOS 11.1 Safari 0kb cookies won't delete and there is more