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Question: Please allow 3rd party maps in CarPlay!!!

I'm an architectural photographer and so I spend a good part of my day driving to places I've never been before throughout my city. Apple maps lets me down time and time again, causing me to be late and making me look bad in front of clients.

I realize Des Moines isn't the biggest city (pop. 600k), but come on. Apple maps regularly tries to send me down roads that have been closed for months while they're replaced, sends me to incorrect locations (the address shows up correctly, but the location marker isn't at the right spot), and it often can't find local businesses that show up when searched for in google.

I don't have any confidence in Apple maps and its caused me to totally abandon CarPlay in favor of running google maps on my phone and balancing it on my dash.

Let us use 3rd party maps apps!!!

iPhone 6, iOS 9.2.1, null

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Question: Please allow 3rd party maps in CarPlay!!!