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Question: Two devices, one apple id, two siri voices?

Okay, my wife and I share a single Apple Id. I like the British Female voice for Siri and she likes the American Male voice. This has not been a problem until recently. We had two voices before, but she had cellular service with a data plan and I just had cell service with no data plan (used wifi to get online). Now that I have started using a data plan (different carriers), the Siri voice seems to be the same on both phones. I set it up for British Female and it changed on her phone, when she changed hers back to American Male, it changed on mine.

Does she have to create her own Apple ID to keep Siri separate?

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Nov 17, 2017 9:04 AM in response to Patrick Lewis In response to Patrick Lewis

Hi there, Patrick.

I see that you and your wife are using one Apple ID and have run into a situation because of this. You like Siri's voice to be "British Female" and your wife prefers "American Male". Now, since you're both using cellular data, when one of you change Siri's voice, it also changes on the other's device. I'm happy to help.

Create an Apple ID -- Since Apple IDs are based on the person and not the device, one of you should create a new ID to use.

Change or remove your Apple ID payment information -- Then, whoever created a new ID, remove the old, previously shared ID from their device.

Set up Family Sharing -- Afterwards, since you've both used the same ID for iTunes & App Store purchases, set up Family Sharing to share the items you've bought.

Take care!

Nov 17, 2017 9:04 AM

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Question: Two devices, one apple id, two siri voices?