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Question: 2014 MBP spontaneously rebooting

Specs: MacBook Pro, 15", retina, Mid-2014, 2.2 GHz i7, 16GB RAM

OS: 10.13 High Sierra, problem also persisted on 10.12 Sierra

The problem I am having is that the MacBook reboots spontaneously. In the last two days it has happened nine times and over the past month it's been happening a few times per week. The reboot occurs without warning and I do not receive any sort of error report or warning when I boot the computer back up. The problem usually occurs when I am using a web browser, but that is my main use for the MacBook and it has persisted across multiple web browsers.

Solutions I have tried:
-Took it in to the Apple Store last month, no problems were initially found

-Formatted the hard drive at Apple Store and reinstalled all software

-Reset SMC

-Reset PRAM

-Ran diagnostics, everything clean

Now I'm posting here. I'm not sure what else to try, hopefully you all can point me in the right direction.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Nov 16, 2017 1:07 PM in response to matthoya In response to matthoya

These are the current last reboot logs from terminal. None of these were intentional. The ones from 15:10 onwards occurred in the few hours since I made the post.

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 16:02

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 16:01

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 15:48

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 15:37

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 15:10

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 14:43

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 14:23

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 14:22

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 13:15

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 10:20

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 01:07

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 01:05

reboot ~ Thu Nov 16 00:10

reboot ~ Wed Nov 15 20:33

reboot ~ Wed Nov 15 15:51

Nov 16, 2017 1:07 PM

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Nov 25, 2017 11:55 PM in response to matthoya In response to matthoya

I am back again because unfortunately, the problem has gotten worse. Over the last three days, my MBP has rebooted itself more than 70 times. I attempted to type this message nine times on my MBP, being interrupted by a random reboot each time. Instead of trying to type this message a tenth time before the inevitable reboot, I have migrated to my iPhone. My iPhone will now have to serve as my de facto laptop because my MBP is in an unusable state. I have received no error messages nor any warnings. Just a black screen, then off, and then I have to manually turn it back on.

It seems the problem occurs when connected to WiFi. I have experimented with turning off WiFi and have only had one reboot compared to 70+ reboots while on WiFi. In fact, it went 30 minutes without a reboot while off WiFi as I poked around in the logs and immediately rebooted the second I turned WiFi back on. I am not sure what this means but it may be helpful.

This thread may end up as a haven for my venting, but I am still hopeful for some guidance. I cannot bring my MBP in for service for at least one week because I need it - spontaneous rebooting and all - through the end of the semester. Likely it’ll need to get cracked open and looked at on the inside by someone more experienced than me, but I felt the need to post this. This is unacceptable for a $2000 Apple product.

Nov 25, 2017 11:55 PM

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Dec 7, 2017 9:06 AM in response to matthoya In response to matthoya

Back again with an update.

Advanced diagnostics revealed the problem was a logic board failure. A $575 repair. Does anyone have any experience with this? Seems unreasonable for a 3 year old laptop to fail like this.

A year or so ago the laptop had its screen replaced, an $800 repair, under warranty thankfully. So this would be nearly $1400 of repairs on a ~$1800 laptop if I chose to do the service.

Strongly considering taking my $575 and putting it towards a Windows computer at this point. Maybe a new MBP, but jeez this unreliability is killing me.

Dec 7, 2017 9:06 AM

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Question: 2014 MBP spontaneously rebooting