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Question: Bookmark folders not syncing iOS 11.1

I have a lot of bookmarks organised in folders. I use folders in Favorites and folders in my other bookmarks. There are 4 devices using iCloud Safari sync. The sync in the desktop macs using 10.12.16 and 10.11.6 are syncing fine, all bookmarks and folders are synced fine and keep their order in which I have organised them.

However, on the 2 iOS devices running 11.1.1 the bookmarks are all stored and ordered correctly in the Favourites folder, but the order in the other bookmark folders do not sync and seem to be in a random order. The sync works, if I add a bookmark it will sync on all devices. If I reorder a folder in the not favourites folder the change is perfectly reflected in the desktop machines. However on the iOS devices the new sort order is not propagated.

Anyone else has noticed this ? And yes I did log in and out on my iOS devices, turned of Safari iCloud syncing on all devices etc etc yada yada, but the problem remains. I am quite sure it is an iOS 11 bug as I have never seen this behaviour before.

iMac, macOS Sierra (10.12.6), null

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Question: Bookmark folders not syncing iOS 11.1