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Question: Clean Setting for Parental Controls not working

I have an Apple Music Family account in order to listen to music. I have created stations using clean bands that Imy family and I are comfortable listening to. Additionally, I have turned on the Clean filter in parental controls and yet some very strong language still gets shuffled in by Apple’s algorithms. I’ve tried shutting the phone down, resetting the permissions, disconnecting all devices and starting over but songs with explicit lyrics still come through. A lot of these songs are not marked as explicit and yet are loaded with some strong language. I’ve had to apologize to my family multiple times and promised them that I have set the filters. Short of closing my Music account and moving on to a different music app, what can be done to ensure that these songs don’t continue to bleed through?

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 11.1

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Question: Clean Setting for Parental Controls not working