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Question: Calendar sharing without Google?

I have an iCal calendar for a local team. No issue sharing it with other iCloud users, but the only option for non-users appears to be via Google. Unfortunately, Google has a long history of problems updating iCloud calendars, often taking up to 48 hours to update them. Sometimes updating stops altogether, and I have to delete and add the calendar to Google again, and ask everyone using Google Calendar to resubscribe. This happens once or twice during a 4-month season.

So, are there any other options for sharing iCloud calendars? I also need a way to post an HTML view of the calendar, for parents who use a paper calendar, and just want to be able to view the month pages. The only options I can find for that use Google Calendar, so the lack of updating is still an issue.

iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13)

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Question: Calendar sharing without Google?