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Question: Mail initially unresponsive on iPhone / iOS 11.xx

Hi everyone...since day 1 on iOS 11, when I open the mail program, it takes 2-3-5 seconds for the mail program to be responsive. I cannot scroll up and down on my existing messages until is becomes active. Its like the phone is doing something in the background.

I tried everything, including wiping the phone and restoring from backup. I DID NOT restore phone to factory settings.

What did help, momentarily, is forgetting network settings...but with 2-3 hours, the lag was back. The phone is noticeably quicker, esp with mail, on LTE than home wifi. My home wifi is fast enough (24mbs) and we do not have a lot of network traffic. Also, occasionally my keyboard gets stuck in the middle of typing something. It takes 5 seconds THEN quick inputs all the character I typed when it wasn't moving.

Note: My wife has the same phone, same setting on the same network and it is running as expected. My phone has had much heavier use than hers in its history. Both iPhone 6's. Both have 5-6 gigs free.

iPhone 6, iOS 11.1

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Question: Mail initially unresponsive on iPhone / iOS 11.xx