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Question: Logic doesn't recognize plug-in after reinstall


I have a huge problem. I'm a sucker for Reveal Sound's Spire synthesizer and I use it in almost all of my projects. I had a relative old version of Spire installed on my laptop so it's was causing a lot of Logic crashes. This was nothing special, but on this one project it kept happening over and over again, so I finally decided to update my Spire.

I downloaded a new version of the Revealed Sound website and installed the .vst and .au versions of the plug-in. When I opened logic I saw that Spire was still in the old version, so I checked my plug-in manager and saw that logic found two versions of Spire, "Spire" (the old one) and "Spire-1.1" (the new one).

I thought this was an easy fix, so I deleted the old and new versions by hand in the /audio/plugins folder and reinstalled the new version. Now comes the ****-up.

Logic installed the new version again as Spire-1.1" and doesn't recognize any of my spire instances in all of my projects... So this is what most of my projects look like now 😟 If I change the plugin to the new spire the default patch is loaded up so all the previous settings are lost.

Is there maybe a way to change the name of the plug-in back to Spire (not the custom name but the actual name), or is there another way to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated because I'm afraid I've lost 5 years worth of work because of this.

Thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)

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Question: Logic doesn't recognize plug-in after reinstall