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Question: iOS 11.1.1 and Charging Symbol

In case any one of you is experiencing iPad charging issues ever since iOS 11.1.1 was downloaded and if you have the solution, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. (Although I have reported this issue to the Apple Feedback already. How fast they can fix or whether they even recognize this as an issue is a question mark.

My experience is this:

1. While actively using the iPad and the iPad is plugged into the electric wall outlet, the charging symbol will just all of a sudden disappear. What I found as a band-aid solution is not to remove the charging cable from the electric outlet but remove the cable from the iPad. Then while the cable continues to be plugged into the electric wall outlet, I plug the other end of the cable back into the iPad. A few minutes after the charging symbol may suddenly disappear again. I then do the same band-aid solution. Sometimes, the charging symbol remains.

2. I have come to recognize that if I do not use the iPad (so it is fully powered off), while at the same time I leave the iPad plugged into the power outlet, the iPad does charge up to 100% even if the charging symbol (the lightning to thunder looking symbol) is gone. I know for a fact the symbol is gone is because I totally power it off consciously knowing symbol is not there while never removing the cable from the electric power outlet.

The problem with the above band aid solutions is if you are actively using the iPad and the charging symbol disappears, although it is charging - the issue apparently is it charges very slowly. And your use or consumption of the charge happens to be more than what it is charging with. So you are forced with the above band-aid solutions.

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Question: iOS 11.1.1 and Charging Symbol