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Question: Performance and Audio Issue

Hi apple,

I bought my iphone 7 Plus somewhere around January 2017 which is this year and it was still on IOS 10. To cut it short, after updating my device to IOS 11 there are a lot of issues that I have encountered. Loving the design and interface of the new IOS btw. Good job !

1) Audio issue : I love to listen to youtube and spotify during my break time, but somehow it gives out a stuttering and buzzing sound. Even when I'm playing heavy games like infinity Blade and War Robots, the same sound came out and immediately crashes the app! Worst is that sometimes the phone restarts when it crashed.

2) Echo sound : When I received my emails or whatsapp notifications, the alert echoes greatly and faded slowly. At first I thought it was just a temporary glitch but realized that whenever someone is texting me in a large quantity of messages, it becomes more worst (even more echoes)

3) Some heavy apps like A360(Autocad) and one of the heaviest game(Honkai Impact 3) which is a 3GB game btw, crashes around 5 minutes of usage. It suddenly freezes at first and then goes to sudden crash and brings me back to home.

Please take note that, I have already restore and reset my iphone 4 times already and the problems are still there. It was an amazing phone before updating it to IOS11. Any idea what I should do before I made up my mind to send it to the service center which will take like 2 weeks to get it fixed?

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.1

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Question: Performance and Audio Issue