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Question: iPhone 7 Black 128GB Fashion Show Apple Store, Vegas, NV - what a ...

I've been a VERY loyal Apple consumer for about 12 years now. I started buying their products since the very first MacBook White was born, a museum master piece that showed me the very best of this brand: outstanding performance, unique customer service and worldwide warranty. In fact, those were the reasons for me to pay two, three or even four times the price of a similar item, compared to some of their market competitors like Nokia, Toshiba, etc. Since then, I have acquired scores of products: seven different iPhones, three iPods, two iPads, one iPad mini, three different Mac Books, an Apple TVs, two iPod Touch and an iPod mini. Again, the main factors that's kept me coming back was their incredibly efficient Customer Support.

Nonetheless, a couple of days ago, I started having what I will call “the worst customer service experience so far”. I bought an unlocked iPhone 7 Black 128gb at Apple Fashion Show in Las Vegas las May 02, 2017. When I did so, I CLEARLY asked (as I always do) the seller who assisted me throughout the entire transaction whether THIS SPECIFIC iPhone had warranty and was unlocked for Colombia, to which she CLEARLY replied “yes, sir, you should have no issues using it in your country” and then added “we are a global brand, so you should find technical support worldwide, if needed”. Having said that , I did buy the product and started using it. Well, last weekend I went to a Colombian city called Cali which is very hot, humid and tropical. The outcome? My so-called “water/splash proof iPhone 7” was not that waterproof, sealed and airtight. As a consequence, the rear/back camera showed humidity bubbles inside it. Afterwards, such humidity disappeared in the back camera and moved to the front one. Worried about this, I went to the Premium Apple Reseller in Bogotá DC (Mac Center, Andino Mall) in order to get my iPhone fixed. However, they claimed that OP 286 published in November 7, 2017, restrained them from even opening my iPhone to check what was the problem. It looks like the model I was sold at that shop, was not compatible for Colombia. After a loooooong row, they contacted me with Apple phone support and a representative of the brand, after three long calls of 25 minutes roughly, gave me the most dissapointing and senseless answer: “you have to send your iPhone to Brazil, USA or Mexico, and the shipping cost will be on you”. Well, sending this iPhone will cost me 350 USD. What should I do? F* knows, all I know is that my USD 800 phone is not working properly, has water inside and no one would even dare to open it.

At this point I am disappointed for I have not even finished paying this phone. I did NOT put it inside a container full of liquid (as they suggested very rudely at Mac Center Bogota)….all I did was taking my iPhone to a humid city, make videos in a hot environment at a disco full of people dancing and sweating and … that’s it pretty much. I am sure there will be no other answer than “sir, send the mobile phone to us”, not taking into consideration the costs and time it would involve. Apple is a brand that has just starter to fail producing high quality products, full stop.

RIP Steve Jobs, your company seems not to be in good hands.

PS. My brand new MacBook Retina had an issue and the entire display needed to be replaced as well. I have evidence of what I am saying. However, this will be told in another chapter.

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Question: iPhone 7 Black 128GB Fashion Show Apple Store, Vegas, NV - what a ...