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Question: Vertical pinks lines on bootup after iMac crash

Hello. I was playing some games on my Mac like I would everyday. But right in the middle of gaming, the display went blank and nothing with on it. The backlight was still on though. I let it sit there for a few then I held down the power button. I turned it back on and this is what I got:

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I had never experienced anything like this. But a few hours earlier, I was making partitions for bootcamp which didn't turn out correct because of an error. I researched online and some people said that this is an issue on Apple's side and they had a replacement program going on. Please confirm if that is true. If not, how much will I have to pay to repair it? I had contacted apple chat support and they told me to do a SMC reset and a PRAM reset to no success. I'm just checking in here for my last resort before I head out to the Apple Store. Thanks! Btw, I don't know if the image isn't flipped or not but in real life, it isn't.

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Question: Vertical pinks lines on bootup after iMac crash