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Question: AppleScript for Message Received

I'm in the process of creating a simple automation program with a very simple tool. I got the execution done but not the trigger because it doesn't have the option to detect whether I received a message, but it does allow me to insert Apple Script for the trigger. Does anyone know how to write the code for testing if I received a message?

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Nov 26, 2017 8:47 PM in response to Chanerinne In response to Chanerinne

You need to:

1) wrap your code in a specific block that reacts to incoming messages

2) configure Messages.app to invoke your script for incoming messages

For the first, copy the entire following script and put your code in place where it says 'YOUR CODE HERE':

using terms from application "Messages"

on message receivedtheMessagefromtheBuddyfortheChat


end message received

on received text invitationtheTextfromtheBuddyfortheChat


end received text invitation

on received audio invitationtheTextfromtheBuddyfortheChat


end received audio invitation

on received video invitationtheTextfromtheBuddyfortheChat


end received video invitation

on received file transfer invitationtheFileTransfer


end received file transfer invitation

on buddy authorization requestedtheRequest


end buddy authorization requested

# The following are unused but need to be defined to avoid an error

on message senttheMessagefortheChat

end message sent

on chat room message receivedtheMessagefromtheBuddyfortheChat

end chat room message received

on active chat message receivedtheMessage

end active chat message received

on addressed chat room message receivedtheMessagefromtheBuddyfortheChat

end addressed chat room message received

on addressed message receivedtheMessagefromtheBuddyfortheChat

end addressed message received

on av chat started

end av chat started

on av chat ended

end av chat ended

on login finishedfortheService

end login finished

on logout finishedfortheService

end logout finished

on buddy became availabletheBuddy

end buddy became available

on buddy became unavailabletheBuddy

end buddy became unavailable

on completed file transfer

end completed file transfer

end using terms from

The rest of the code is irrelevant for your needs, but is required to prevent Messages.app from choking on your script not knowing how to deal with events.

Next, save your script in ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.iChat

It will now appear in Messages' preferences, under the 'AppleScript handler' option.

Now, for any event, Messages will invoke the appropriate handler in your script.

Nov 26, 2017 8:47 PM

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Question: AppleScript for Message Received