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Question: IOS 11 less user friendly (Notes) and Outlook 2016

I found out while looking at my Copy Trans program to update notes, that I can no longer import notes from a IOS 11 device to Outlook 2016.

That is, if I want a back-up copy, I am FORCED to upload it to ICloud?

I maintain a list of logins and passwords. I certainly would not be foolish enough to upload that list to the stratosphere.

It's very simple, if you want to keep your data secure don't post it out there for everyone to gain access too.

What are they thinking?

Take our money, and then not give a few simple things that we might want?

Seems Apple wants to turn us all into conforming robots. I am starting to feel very sorry that I purchased a Iphone X.

Don Resor

Los Angeles

iPhone X, iOS 11.1

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Question: IOS 11 less user friendly (Notes) and Outlook 2016