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Question: WiFi Router with VPN that IOS 11 can VPN to?

What WiFi router, WITH VPN, is out there that works with IOS 11 and higher (no PPTP) and supports 802.11g&n and costs less than $140? It also needs good WiFi range, so internal antennas are probabably out. Thanks in advance.

iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.2

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Nov 17, 2017 3:20 AM in response to Sficca In response to Sficca

Just look for units with OpenVPN

There is OpenVPN clients made for almost all OS available today.

Personally I would spend just a bit more on the Asus models.. RT-AC68U or the newer RT-AC1900..

But there are cheaper units around from a number of companies.

Look for what Asus has available in your market.

No luck with them I would think about something that runs third party.. OpenWRT, Gargoyle, etc includes OpenVPN server now.. and you can buy a router for very reasonable prices. Just look at their compatibility tables.

One point to be aware of is the actual speed of the VPN will be fairly slow with cheaper units.. so if you have fast internet.. you might find a cheap router has no hope of providing decent normal speed let alone CPU demanding software like VPN.

Nov 17, 2017 3:20 AM

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Nov 17, 2017 6:21 AM in response to LaPastenague In response to LaPastenague

User Guide for the RT-AC68U, Dual Band3x3 Wireless-AC 1900 Gigabit Router shows setup of VPN for PPTP only. The user interface shown in the manual doesn’t look much like the DD-WRTs I’ve seen. Perhaps it is an optional firmware not documented in the User Guide.

I have seen two bloggers say that the OpenVPN client setup on IOS is a nightmare. I have seen nobody report good things of it.

I have a DD-WRT router (Firmware: DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI 10/31/11 std). I can’t find that it has a feature to export out a .conf file for an OpenVPN client to work with the current server confit in the router. I can’t imagine creating from scratch a .conf file for IOS, especially having heard the blogosphere report of great headaches.

I have had great success with L2TP on SoftEther VPN, but that requires a host computer. I see routers out there that “support” L2T, and\or IPSEC ....but only for site to site VPNs, or their IPsec doesn’t work with IOS yet, according to two vendors I've contacted.

Have you gotten OpenVPN client on IOS to connect to a DD-WRT Open VPN Server? How’d that work out?

Nov 17, 2017 6:21 AM

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Nov 17, 2017 11:54 AM in response to Sficca In response to Sficca

I run Merlin firmware on the Asus .. it supports PPTP server as well as OpenVPN.

But I think it is now included in the latest Asus firmware as well.. since Merlin acts as a beta development.

I have not had need to run VPN from iOS devices.. so my experience there is certainly lacking. But your post specifically mentioned no PPTP.. so for cheap routers that support something else.. you are going to be struggling.

works with IOS 11 and higher (no PPTP)

Sorry I have nothing with iOS 11 capability. So not in a position to test. I can beg my son to loan me his iphone.. but I sort of doubt he will.. 😁

If you want L2TP server in a router.. you are after something business class. The only way to get that is go for something second hand.. business routers come off lease and I have picked them up very cheap.. but it is hard to find on the day and you need to be patient.

Or go for Mikrotik or Ubiquiti .. but you will need to learn the router OS.


The edge routers are very reasonably priced.

What kind of actual VPN throughput are you looking for??

BTW neither of those suggestions meets all your criteria.. because you want good wireless as well.. This is where I had trouble finding anything that came even close.. when you set a budget of $140.

You need to use a cheap WAP alongside any sort of router that you are likely to pick up for that price.

Nov 17, 2017 11:54 AM

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Nov 17, 2017 12:44 PM in response to LaPastenague In response to LaPastenague

Just to show you the page from the Asus.. you can generate the config file. It specifically lists iPad/iphone.

User uploaded file

If you want to see if you can get OpenVPN to work on your iOS 11 stuff.. I am happy to open access to you.

Just email me.. rayhav@gmail.com

I will export the file and you can check it.

Nov 17, 2017 12:44 PM

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Question: WiFi Router with VPN that IOS 11 can VPN to?