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Question: photo slideshow

I am preparing a slideshow from my photos file using 10.12.6. I have made up albums of the photos I require. I have then made a slideshow in projects. Everything looks OK to this point. If I run the slide show it runs as required. My problem is that when I export the slideshow to the desktop for copying to a memory stick it converts to M4V file. I converted it using 1080. Also tried 720. When you play the slideshow from the desktop file it shows the 1st slide OK then the 1st slide is background for the second slide. I thought the problem may be the photo on the 1st slide which I didn't copy from photos. I deleted that photo and used one from the photos file as the 1st slide with a description. I put that back in the slideshow. Result the 1st slide is now background to all of the slides.

I want to run the slideshow with a memory stick direct into a TV without a computer. Can anyone please direct me where I have gone wrong and what to do. Thanks.

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Question: photo slideshow