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Question: Problems converting aac to mp3

In working out how to put my music library on a USB stick to play on a car stereo that’ll only take MP3 files, I’ve come across two problems with which I'd be grateful for advice.

When converting just one album, as a test, from AAC to MP3 I found I got the MP3 version of the list added below the AAC version in the original album. I then found on putting the album on a USB drive and putting the USB in the car stereo’s slot that it wouldn’t read the data on the USB until by scrolling I reached the MP3 version of the list. To have to do this with each album would drive me crazy as well as disrupt my driving. (It also means that my original album in the library on my iMac has got twice as long, and without any way of my controlling which version will be played on my iMac, or on a device to which I may copy the album or send it through Bluetooth.)

Is there a way of doing the conversion so as to get an MP3 version of the album separate from and additional to the original AAC version?

And instead of having to go through this album by album, is there a way of producing a copy of a whole music library with the albums converted from AAC and Apple Lossless to MP3 (again with only the MP3 version of the list on each album)?

iMac, macOS Sierra (10.12.4)

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Question: Problems converting aac to mp3