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Question: Just got a scam email claiming to be 'Apple Service'

So I received an email yesterday claiming "For the security of personal data on your apple account, we temporarily suspend your AppleID [ #LEAVING THIS BLANK ] because we detected anyone used your AppleID from another Country."

It addressed me as "Dear ( email address ) ,". I knew it was fake, because I don't have an Apple ID with that email.

It also gave me a link that the text made it look like it was going to appleid.apple.com, but hovering over it, my browser said it was going to a bit.ly link instead. It said "Following this link for unlocked your account : http://appleid. apple.com/recovery.php?id=LEAVINGTHISBLANK" without the spaces of course.

Also the email I recieved didn't come from one that ended in apple.com, it was a long email that ended in ".live.mail.com"

The title of the email was "RE : [ ACTION REQUIRED ] : Please update your apple account information for more safety your personal data."

Here are some screenshots of the email. I'm telling you this so nobody can get scammed, and so that hopefully Apple, or someone can handle this scammer. Here are the Screenshots: User uploaded file

User uploaded file

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Question: Just got a scam email claiming to be 'Apple Service'