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Question: iPhone 5S - Shuffle issue on Music app

Since this morning the shuffle function on my iPhone 5S has been playing up. Every now and then it will play the first one or two seconds of a song, then quickly skip to the next song, and again for four or five songs. It'll then play a song fine. When I skip back to previous tracks however the songs are different to the ones that have just skipped, and the same happens when I skip forward. It's almost as though shuffle resets every time I press skip. The screen also freezes on one song when playing another. I have tried a hard reset (holding home and lock buttons) but the issue is persisting. Anyone have any recommendations on a fix?

I am due to download the latest iOS update but my internet is terrible (2mbps) and the 2.5GB update is estimated to take 8 hours to download, and as we know if it fails at any point in that process it restarts rather than resuming. I have tried a few times already but it fails every time. However I don't see why not yet updating to the latest operating system would make something that worked fine previously suddenly fail.

Any help would be appreciated!

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.0.3

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Question: iPhone 5S - Shuffle issue on Music app