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Question: Can't refresh calendars (webcal) without an active iCloud calendar????

Very frustrating... This has been the case for every version of macOS Sierra to date, still not fixed....

I upgraded several users to Sierra only to find out that they could no longer refresh their subscribed calendars (webcal://) using the "Refresh Calendars" under the View menu, as it was greyed out. After getting so frustrated and wiping everything out with a clean install of Sierra, I see this is the case even on a brand new install, so it has nothing to do with the fact they were upgraded.

It seems "Refresh Calendars" is not available to select UNLESS you have iCloud Calendars turned ON. Well, we don't want that, we don't use that, and I don't want to create iCloud accounts for all the users in the first place. This functionality worked fine in El Capitan, why was it broken in Sierra?

The only way to refresh them is to quit and restart the app!?!? {SIGH}

Apple software quality is really going downhill... This has been an annoyance since the release of Sierra and you don't seem to care about fixing it, even after bug reports have been filed. We aren't upgrading to High Sierra until we are absolutely forced to as many things have changed in ways we wouldn't consider for the better, and with the quality of software plummeting I don't care to find out about all the new broken things we'd run into.

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Question: Can't refresh calendars (webcal) without an active iCloud calendar????