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Question: Dynamic wallpaper not working on iphone x

Just a couple of things, the Dynamic wallpaper is not working on ether of the 2 Iphones 10s that i bought, i know thats not a high priority but it bugs me that its there and i cant use it , also its neat looking and i would like to see it working properly.

Second thing, i had to return my first I phone 10 after one day because it locked up the phone, i was in accessibility/Assistivetouch/customize top level menu/ I made an icon 3d touch and i was using 3d touch with theAssistivetouch feature , accidentally highlighted my icons with 3d touch so i could reposition my icons , when i went to the top right corner to drag down command center, with the assistivetouch/ 3d touch active and the highlighted icons active i was trying to drag the command center down when it locked the phone screen up, completely unusable.

With those things all in play when i activated 3d touch by pressure on the screen my phone locked completely, i tried a hard reboot with the buttons but when i did that i got the countdown on the phone calling 911 and it actually called 911, how embarrassing.

Im sure it was a software problem and it might have been a combination of doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time and it might have cured itself if i would have let the battery drain down untill it turned itself and reset the problem and unfroze itsel, but i dont know.

Im just letting someone know of the 2 problems ( the 2nd problem a real duzy)i had with the new iPhone 10 so maybe it will get back to apple if they need to fix it.


iPhone X, iOS 11.1

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Question: Dynamic wallpaper not working on iphone x