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Question: Fullscreen apps bug in High Sierra when switching user accounts


I have a rMBP 15', where I have different accounts but I mainly use my personal account and work account. I keep switching between both during the day, I never logout in any of these, I just switch account whenever I need. What happens is that I love full screen apps, and I used them a lot. For example, in my work account I typically have once space with iCal and Reminders in fullscreen, another space with XCode in fullscreen and even another one with safari, also in fullscreen. If I switch to my personal account, when I get back to my work account all the apps in fullscreen are messed up: the spaces order changes, two apps that were in the same space are separated into different spaces in fullscreen, each app in fullscreen has either a black bar in the top or other buggy re-arrangement.

Basically, it's a pain. I love spaces and full-screen apps but having to arrange all apps over and over again every time I switch between my accounts it's a big problem and a big hit in my workflow, essentially I can't make use of the fast-switch between accounts, I'd better logging off and on again as I need to go through all apps again...

MacBook Pro with Retina display, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: Fullscreen apps bug in High Sierra when switching user accounts