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Question: Connecting an apple router as secondary to a netgear.

I have a netgear router and modem. They are in my office, however i want to connect an ethernet cable to my xbox in another room. My idea is to connect an apple router as a secondary in the office next to the netgear, and then use a airport extreme in the other room to connect straight to the xbox.

I've run into a few problems. I cant seem to just turn off Dhcp, it only lets me put it in bridge mode which doesnt seem to connect to the airport extreme. Also do i need to change the ip adress to be in the range of to connect to my netgear?

Overall i want an ethernet attached to my xbox without running a long cable through the hallways. Any ideas?

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Nov 17, 2017 12:17 PM in response to bburdick In response to bburdick

If you are trying to get the AirPort Extreme to connect to the wireless signal provided by the Netgear router, and then have the Extreme provide an Ethernet signal to the Xbox......the AirPort Extreme cannot do this.

ironically, the less expensive AirPort Express is able to do this though.

Frankly though, even if you hook things up, there won't be much improvement in the actual signal to the Xbox......because you will still have a wireless connection between the Netgear and AirPort.

You would likely do better to simply connect the Xbox using wireless, assuming that it can do this, and bypass the AirPort, since there is going to be some loss in the wireless to Ethernet translation at the AirPort.

As you already know, if you really want the best connection to the Xbox, you are going to have to run the Ethernet cable......or, if you can accept a compromise.....try a pair of Ethernet over Powerline adapters.

Nov 17, 2017 12:17 PM

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Question: Connecting an apple router as secondary to a netgear.