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Question: add the memories to my iMac


First, I apologize for my bad English.

I have some query about buying and add the memories to my iMac.

My iMac: 21.5-inch, mid 2011, 2.5GHz intel core i5.

1. Please, advise me on a good brand, I buy the memory from them.

2. Can I install 8 giga per one slot? I have read a note about this topic, on this web.

https://www.datamemorysystems.com/apple-imac-intel-core-i5-quad-core-2-5ghz-21-5 -mc309ll/a-mid-2011-memory-upgrades/

NOTE: The 2011 iMac is built with the Intel Core i5 Processor and has a Thunderbolt port. It has four memory sockets which can be upgraded to 32GBs maximum memory. Apple originally listed 16GB (4 x 4GB) as the maximum memory but 8GB modules have since been tested and 32GB (4 x 8GB) is the actual maximum memory. Apple recommends two modules of the same size be installed for maximum performance.

3. Can I diversify (the size) of the memory and (the production company) between the apertures? like i add 8giga card with 2giga card, or add the new memories to old ones.

4. How can I take advantage of the memories which I do not want, Can I send them to you, in return for memories or other supplies?

Thank u.

iMac, macOS Sierra (10.12.6), null

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Nov 17, 2017 12:42 PM in response to Abdullh Soliman In response to Abdullh Soliman

1) any RAM that is shown by the manufacture as being compatible with THAT system should be fine. Avoid anything that is not stating it will work with THAT mac.

2) unofficially the Mid 2011 iMac 21" (12,1) system will support up to 32GB RAM. the 2010 21" iMac (11,1) will not.

e.g 32.0GB OWC Memory Upgrade Kit For 2010-2011 Apple iMac

3) avoid switching brands and chipsets when possible. RAM will always sync with the slowest batch in the system if you mix them and you could run into other problems but that situation used to be far worse years ago, less so now.

4) the reseller may offer to buy back some of the RAM or you can sell it some other way. You would need to ask the reseller.

Nov 17, 2017 12:42 PM

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Nov 17, 2017 1:29 PM in response to Abdullh Soliman In response to Abdullh Soliman

The brands recommended most on these forums for an iMac are Crucial (buy it direct) or OWC (www.macsales.com). Your computer has 4 slots, each slot can accommodate up to 8GB DIMMs. It is best to add RAM in matched pairs. Keep your old RAM, it may be useful down the road.

Finally, you are not addressing Apple on these forums. We are all end users like yourself. Apple does not read or participate in these forums.

Nov 17, 2017 1:29 PM

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Question: add the memories to my iMac