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Question: Reloading downloaded iTunes Match after a restore

Since July I've had 3 iPhone 6+'s fail (touch disease) and I've been through the backup/restore process 8-10 times.

I am now tussling with incredibly bad iOS 11.1.1 performance on my phone. (It has 55G free, I've turned off background processes, I've pretty much done every proposed tip except a full reset/restore and lagging apps, unusable Siri and undependable bluetooth are killing me.)

I use iTunes Match but I keep a lot of my music downloaded on my phone because I am often in areas with limited coverage and I like to have access to the music.

After each restore I've done, I've had to select the playlists I download and let the phone download them again even though all of that music is sitting in a mac its connected to.

Is there anyway with iTunes backup on Mac to have the locally downloaded music in the iPhone included in the backup?

iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 11.1

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Question: Reloading downloaded iTunes Match after a restore