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Question: MBP-2013: Media buttons no longer working

F7, F8, F9 map to previous, play/pause, and next, respectively.

They're not working, but the spacebar and arrow keys are (left, spacebar, right, respectively).

I used to be able to start and stop my music no matter which desktop iTunes was on using these keys.

It got a little weird when I could start and stop YouTube videos with these keys because I would need to pause YouTube, go to iTunes, hit play...then things worked per usual.

Now I can't start or stop YouTube when Safari has focus. I can't start and stop iTunes when iTunes has focus.

I've tried shutting down Chrome and Safari - no change. I've tried troubleshooting my keyboard settings - no change. I've tried sacrificing a chicken that was already sacrificed once...

Thoughts? (On the buttons not working, not the chicken thing.) 😝

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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Question: MBP-2013: Media buttons no longer working