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Question: Custom ringtones not working after iOS 11 update iPhone 7

iphone 7 with custom ring tones that I've created and used since 3GS iPhone worked with iOS 10.3, but after upgrading iOS 11 (currently 11.1.2), only the default ringtone is heard. Under Sounds & Haptics the Ringtone will play when selected, but will NOT play when receiving a phone call (default ringtone is heard)

All ringtones where ripped from a CD a decade ago, converted to AAC, then trimmed and the file extension changed to .m4r.

Solution - (OS 10.9.5 and iTunes 12.6.2)

  1. In iTunes, I added my song to a new playlist, then burned to a CD by selecting Audio CD.
  2. Imported the newly burned song to the desktop.
  3. Opened, in Fission then edited my song to less than 35 secs. (Use a audio editing software of choice)
  4. Renamed and saved song as mp4 with audio format set to AAC-LC music. ( i added rt to the file name for easy identification)
  5. In the finder, change the extension from mp4 to m4r. When the dialog box appears asking are you sure you want to change the file extension, select "Use .m4r"
  6. Import the converted file to itunes by clicking on Music in the top menu bar and from the drop down list select Tones.
  7. Connect your iphone to itunes.
  8. Select the phone icon and under Summary make sure "Sync Tones" and "Selected tones" are both selected. Also make certain your newly created song should appear in this list and is selected.
  9. Then select Sync phone

iPhone 7, iOS 11.1

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Question: Custom ringtones not working after iOS 11 update iPhone 7