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Question: MacBook Pro video card recall

Was anyone notified by apple of a recall regarding a video card? I have a 2011 MacBook Pro with a video issue that happened that Apple had a recall on. The deadline to get the issue fixed for free was Dec 31 2016. I was not notified of the recall at all and of course the issue occurred after the offer was expired for me. Apple has my phone number, my email and probably my home address and made no effort to let me know this would most likely happen. Even though it was their fault they did next to nothing to attempt to help me out at all. They wanted to upsell me of course and offered me a “generous” $100 off a new $2300 machine. I could get it cheaper than that through my wife’s student discount. I will not be purchasing anymore Apple products seeing as I either need to buy a new machine or cough up $500 to fix my laptop, which at that point I might as well buy a new laptop and make my own machine for way cheaper than buying a new Mac again. Since the only reason I got an iPhone was because it communicates so well with the MacBook I will no longer upgrade to iPhones anymore either, which my phone upgrade is now available. It would cost Apple next to nothing to fix this issue for me or at least do more to help compared to the amount of money they would have made from me purchasing the newest iPhone and the amount I would’ve continued to spend on all their devices and software. I’ve given thousands of dollars to this company and planned to continue to stay with them and give them thousands more but not after all this.

Thank you for nothing Apple.

Ex-super faithful, hardcore Apple only fan

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Question: MacBook Pro video card recall