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Question: I want to easily find attachments in a Apple Mail thread

In Apple mail, I am searching for a particular attachment that someone sent me. I put his name in the search bar, so now I see, in a list, all the threads that are from him. Some of the these have a paperclip icon. Now I click on one of the "paperclip" threads in the list; the thread opens to the right with all the emails in the thread.

I would like to be able to immediately find the attachments in this thread. Right now, what I have to do is slowly scroll down the thread, looking for the attachments hidden among all the other visual elements of each email.

Is there a way to quickly move from one attachment to the next in a thread? Or better, in the list of threads that appears after a search?

It would also be OK if I could simply download all the attachments in a thread or in the search result list.

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Nov 17, 2017 7:03 PM in response to Barney-15E In response to Barney-15E

Thanks Barney. However, the first message in the thread isn't the one with the attachment; it's in a message further down the thread. When I hover over the first message I don't get the paperclip-download icon. I only get that when I hover over the actual message with the attachment. But finding that message is the hard part!

Nov 17, 2017 7:03 PM

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Question: I want to easily find attachments in a Apple Mail thread