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Question: Music play count not updating

I have an issue with my music play count not updating whenever I play the song/album from my iphone: When I play any song from my Mac on itunes, it DOES update the play count. But when I play it from my iphone, the play count stays the same (no updates). Even if I have played the song 50 times from my iphone, and only 1 time from my Mac, whenever I check on itunes it only has that 1 play from the Mac and none from iphone. This issue didn't happen before, my play count would always update no matter what device I played my music from -- I believe the issue started after I synced my old iphone 5s with my now-stolen iphone 6s's backup data.

Anyone knows what's going on?

I asked Apple for help and they suggested to update both Mac and iPhone softwares; I did and nothing, it didn't help.

iPhone 5s, iOS 11.1

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Question: Music play count not updating