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Question: Apple Earpids issue

Hi my name Chayutdt. I live in Sydney. I would like to ask to the custom service here, I got this issue for long time and I don’t know what to do with it.

I been used Apple iPhone since iPhone 3G , 4 , 5s , 6 , 6s plus and now iPhone X. The problem was I never ever can use the in ears Apple EarPods and all still in the box.

My ears was different with other people ears as cannot lock the EarPods and hold inside if I put it on then always fell off. I think might be other people have the same this issue but still no one show up. I think Apple should provide other headphone for people have this problem or should have another choice for headphone as on ears headphone for free. I am very happy to hear if any option for this issue from Apple. Thank you for your time and hope you understand this issue.

Regard ,

Chayutdt Sukjit

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Question: Apple Earpids issue