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Question: 3d touch vibration issue

Hey there!

I recently bought an iPhone 8 (running iOS 11.1.1) and I noticed some issues with the 3d touch vibration. Sometimes it works just fine and suddenly it stops working (only the vibration, the 3d touch works but doesn't vibrate).

Apparently if I turn on and off low power mode it goes back to normal.

I think it's a software issue (I didn't have the problem with the 6s with iOS 10.3.3 or with the 7 iOS 10.3.3). I've read somewhere on Google that it's a confilct with the Skype app (on which I wasn't even logged in with my account because of the recent swap between phones), I turned that setting off but it's too early tot tell if it works.

Just wondering if anyone is having this type of issue?

iPhone 8, iOS 11.1

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Question: 3d touch vibration issue