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Question: MacBook Pro 15 inch Late 2016 - weird clicking noises.

Hi All,

When I work on my MBP it tends to make some weird clicking/popping noises.

I get the feeling it comes from the screen. On the other hand, when the computer is placed on solid desk and not moved it still makes this sound. Anyone else recognises this problem? I did find some people referring to the same problem on youtube:

Macbook Pro 2016 15" Warm Up Pop Noise - YouTube

I've been to the Apple store three times:

First time (early Januari in Amsterdam) it got recognised as a common problem by the Genius guy. But there was no solution to it yet.

Second time (mid August in Amsterdam) the Genius guy could hear the weird sound, but there was no repair program for it.

Third time (mid October in NYC) I got told it might have to do with the heat inside the MBP but the checkup showed no problems. So no further action was required.

I am kinda lost whether this is a real problem or not? It still have the weird sounds popping up once every now and then.

Technical specs:

MacBook Pro 15-inch late 2016

OsX 10.13.1 (17B48)

2,6 GHz Intel Core i7

16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
250 GB SSD


Thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: MacBook Pro 15 inch Late 2016 - weird clicking noises.