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Question: My Photos doesn’t work as screensaver

Hi all. I have a two year old daughter with a broken leg. She spends most of her days in our living room. We have Apple TV 4K and usually have music playing and the Aerial screensaver.

Today I wanted her to see photos of our family instead of endless footage of Dubai, so I went into the Screensaver settings and changed it from Aerial to My Photos -> Activity.

Sadly, nothing happens. After a minute, when the screensaver normally comes on, all I’m seeing is a black screen with that circular load icon spinning.

I’ve tried restarting ATV and logging out and then back into my iCloud account.


Strangely, I can browse our photos just fine using the ATV Photos app, where they instantly load.

We have a 250Mbps Fios connection which is blazing my fast. I don’t honk that’s the problem.

Can someone recommend solutions to get our photos to work as screensaver? Many thanks!

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Question: My Photos doesn’t work as screensaver